What I Have My Time? Essay

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An issue I 've seen people, myself included, struggle from in school is how to manage their time wisely. It’s a task that can be handled well if motivation is in their system. If it is not, well, that 's an issue. However, it is easier to struggle with time management in school and still pass than it is in karate. With each test I take, I know in my mind that I do not want to stand before the judges and have them watch me struggle. An easy way to prove that I have spent my time well is by making the best out of the terminology portion of the test, which is sadly one of the subjects I see most karate students struggling in. Not only do they fail in preparing their terminology, but they did not put in the time and hard work to prepare everything else. Half an hour of work a day can bring performance to new heights, but it also helps the student build confidence in that they will now know how to handle their karate during their test and will make them less stressed for when the time comes that they should test. So in saying, time management is an important factor of karate in the sense that no one wants to embarrass themselves on test day, or even a regular day in class. I feel much better going into class knowing that I know what I 'm doing and can help someone if they need assistance. I cannot stress how important time management is in young children too as they grow up.
As mentioned before, kids need to know how to manage their time in school. If they do not fully understand…

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