Essay on What I Have Learned On Organizational Behavior

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In order to reflect on what i have learned in Organizational Behavior, i think it is important that we establish two definitions of learning. The first pertains to an academic setting in which i believe learning is merely the ability to learn exactly how to learn. We are creating mental schemas to eventually create knowledge. For example, in grade school they teach you how to read and write, creating a mental schema. Eventually, that same mental schema is turned into an epistemological schema that we apply to something as simple as a “Stop” sign. Within this framework i also believe that grades do not determine who you are, they are simply norms in society that are supposed to give us intrinsic motivation. While that is their aim, they only hurt is because it is essential that the individual actually finds the topic of study appealing.
Moreover, grades are what Frederick Herzberg refers to as hygiene factors in his two factor theory. Within this theory, he is speaking factors that lead to positive and negative motivation. He characterizes physical working conditions, and relations of others (among others) as hygiene factors (Robbins and Judge, 2000, 66). This can be applied to our education system right now as the school to prison pipeline within minority cultures is so relevant. It is extremely difficult for many lower class minorities who are socialized in a different setting to have the same opportunities as bourgeois citizens to simply mobilize upwards within society.…

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