What I Have Done With Me? Essay

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1. Remind me what you have done with me? In your case, it appears it was just Human Anatomy. Was there anything else? If not, I will just tell them about that class.

You are correct. The only class I took from you was Human Anatomy, and I was enrolled spring semester of 2013.

2. Who are your parents and what do they do (you can be brief)? Where do you fit in your family? What town did you grow up in?

I come from a large family, and I’m the third of eight children. I lived in Sandy, Utah until middle school, at which time my family moved to Morgan, a rural community in northern Utah. My parents, Greg and Marta West, still live in Morgan today. My father is a general contractor, and my mother was a stay-at-home mom throughout my childhood. She now teaches fifth grade.

3. What happened to you between the age of 3 and 12 that made you who you are today? Some persons tell me happy stories, some tell me sad stories. It is up to you, but realize I will be sharing this information with the readers.

Growing up in a large family that was dependent on a single income played a significant role in the course of my life, and part of my motivation to help others has come from watching my family struggle. My parents always ensured that their children’s needs were met, but because of our financial circumstances they often neglected their own health. My mother has suffered from severe migraines most of her adult life, and as a child I remember feeling helpless. I was…

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