Essay on What I Consider Myself A People Person

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I consider myself a people person. I do not necessarily have to be the center of attention; however, I am not shy. I feel that I have a positive personality that can stay positive through different situations. As of this school year, I have taken a leadership role as the Positive Behavior Implementation Support internal coach. I work with University of Florida’s PBIS facilitators bimonthly. PBIS is tiered support system that tracks behavior. Data is collected through RtI:B, disciplines entered in a database and compared in state and local levels. Our school has had difficulty with staff buy-in, but through the leadership skills of myself and the team we have educated the staff with evidence and data that behavioral can be addressed with school-wide PBS implementation. Many staff member had negative comments toward the program and towards the team. I took the facts and data to clarify the need of a tier 1 implementation. After the staff meeting, people came to me with the bigger picture and positive outlooks. I prefer to deal with facts and evidence. When there is a problem as a leader you must understand where the problem is and why it is occurring. With collection of data and observation, there is less emotional attachment to a situation. Specifically at my school, there is roughly 82% of the schools population that is a drop-off and pick-up. Parents complained that it was taking 40 minutes to drop off their child; the traffic congestion in a…

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