Essay on What Have I Learned About Failure?

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What have I learned about failure? I believe there is much to learn from failure and much can be gained by failing. I have learned that we should look at the bright side of failure. Once someone starts looking at failure on the bright side and considering the positives that come out of “failures” they can successfully live a more joy filled life. Now I’m not claiming that once someone looks on the bright side of failures they will automatically become happy all the time and all their problems will be solved, but I am claiming that more often than not, their opinion on life will improve. This thought entered my mind while reading a poem by Elizabeth Bishop titled, “One Art”. In this poem, the character goes through a life of many losses and failures and keeps a comedic and optimistic tone throughout the poem. Time and time again the character says, “The art of losing isn’t hard to master.” When I read this, I imagine her saying this with a bit of a smirk and making light of the terrible card of life that she has been dealt. She is looking at the bright side of what she has been put through and realizes the loss of material possessions may be inconvenient, but they will ultimately be okay and not end in disaster.
This supports my next claim on failure where I have learned that sometimes all you can do is fail and that is okay because life goes on. Now that is not to say that that makes everything easy to digest and move forward easily. For example, at the end of the poem, she…

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