The Death Of Ivan Ilyich Analysis

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In the novella of The Death of Ivan Ilyich, by Leo Tolstoy, it describes Ivan Ilyich’s, which is the main character, sufferings throughout his whole life. While he goes through the depression, his characters, moods, and spirit are altering because of his uncomfortable illnesses. The biggest problem that Ivan Ilyich endures is not the illnesses that occur on him, instead it is how these sufferings change his pleasant lifestyle. So, what kind of sufferings give Ivan this tragic life journey? Ivan Ilyich is transformed by three forms of suffering: physical, emotional, and mental. The first illness that transforms Ivan Ilyich is the physical suffering. The initial physical illnesses that he suffers are the weird taste in his mouth and the ache …show more content…
Throughout the whole novella Ivan Ilyich experiences all kinds of emotional pains. There are fear, worry, hatred, and anger. At the beginning state of his physical pain, which has a dramatic impact toward his emotional pains, Ivan Ilyich is worry about his own health, and what increases Ivan’s anxiety is when the doctor ignored Ivan’s serious question. “For Ivan Ilyich only one question mattered: was his condition dangerous or not? But the doctor ignored this inappropriate question. From the doctor’s point of view it was an idle question and not to be discussed;…” (23). It shows how much Ivan is worry about his own health problem because he straight out ask the question about his life at risk or not. Normally a patient will not ask this kind of serious question, unless they are worry too much or they feel the suffering is not ignorable. For Ivan’s emotion of hatred, he shows his resentment against his own wife because he thinks that she never actually cares his health and his life. The narrator indicates, “He hated her with all the forces of his soul while she was kissing him, and had a hard time not pushing her away” (32). This quote proves how much Ivan hates his own partner. Although Praskovya Fyodorovna thinks she is pretending to show love and kindness by kissing Ivan, Ivan never think the same way as she does because he knows it is all fake. Every time he rethinks Praskovya’s truth self about …show more content…
With the extra time he has, he starts to think about how his family treats him while he suffers with pains. And he realizes, “’Death, Yes, death. And none of them knows, or wants to knows, or feels pity. They’re playing.””(31). While he suffers in many ways, he starts to understand that no one among his family is spending the time to take care of him or chat with him instead they are having fun without realizing his difficulities. Due to this reason, his resentment toward his family increases which accumulates his mental sufferings. Ivan doesn’t believe his pains will be so terrible that will end his life until he goes over the syllogism of Kiesewetter’s logic. In the syllogism he learns about the example of Caius, and he analyzes the syllogism in three different parts. After his analyzation, he realizes his pain is a severe problem, and it will cause him death. Although he wants to force himself to think about the healthy thought, he can not exactly forget the understanding from the example of Caius. This reasoning thought increases his anxiety toward the reality of his

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