What Happened When You Arrived At Your House? Essay

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“What exactly happened when you arrived to your house?” The policeman, Officer Mike Sanchez, questioned Scarlett. The police arrived shortly after Seamus called to report Brian’s death.
“Well, I walked in and all the lights were off. There were a lot of whiskey bottles lying all over the place and as I walked to my room, I saw Brian lying on the floor. I assumed that he had passed out from drinking too much, so I just went straight to bed. When I woke up a little later, he was still there and he wasn’t breathing,” Scarlett lied. She even managed to make her eyes well up with tears.
“And why were there holes in your bedroom door?” Mike asked.
“Those had been there for awhile because I was angry at him for something a few weeks ago. I didn’t want that room he made me sleep in, so I punched the door until it broke,” she covered smoothly.
“Did you not notice the blood on the floor from his head injury when you were walking past him?” Mike glared at Scarlett. It took everything she had to not break down in front of him.
“I told you, it was dark and a lot of the lights weren’t working. I knew where I was going so there was no need to turn any on anyway,” Scarlett glanced over and met Seamus’s gaze who was being questioned by another officer. He nodded confidently at her, but she couldn’t make herself do the same.
“Has your father frequently been passed out when you returned home?” Mike asked Scarlett, bringing her attention back to him. “Hmm? Oh yeah, he always got…

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