What Effect Does Bullying Have On Children? Essay

790 Words Jun 19th, 2016 4 Pages
What effect does bullying have on children? Being personally targeted by others during a child’s elementary and high school years can tend to have a negative effect upon the victim, and most times it carries on into college and even adulthood. Bullying can start as what the one doing the bullying thinks is playful teasing. It doesn’t just take place in person, it can also be done via text, email or on social media. Bullying is an increasing problem in today’s schools. It is something that effects children in grades from elementary school all the way up to college and sometime beyond. It seems that a certain kind of child is bullied and the repercussions of bullying can be very serious. It is up to each person in the world to do their part to put an end to bullying.
Bullying is a problem that happens in every school all over the world, and it doesn’t just end with high school. Studies have shown that bullying just doesn’t take place between students, or just stop when the victim is out of high school. In some cases, the bullying is a student being a bully to a teacher or even a teacher being a bully to a student. But in many cases, the victim in grade school or high school tends to be the victim in college or even beyond. These studies have also shown that most times the victims become the aggressor, especially in school settings between the victim and say, a teacher. Meaning, that certain children tend to become aggressive towards their teachers because of the…

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