What Does You Think? Essays

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In today’s quick society, people often base their idea of who someone is without any actual information about the person. Most times it is done in order to ‘save time’ in their day - therefore causing people to create ideas about who a person is. However, there are moments when their perception is true, leaving them to stick with that idea that a quick judgement is the best way to react in that situation. It is not uncommon for people to jump to conclusions based off their personal experience and that can shape how they perceive the world around them. It causes some to stereotype people based on what their appearance may be, how they speak, or their posture. Within these situations, people may have been primed as they were developing through their childhood, so they may not think to take the time to work past those assumptions about what they perceive. However, because there are some people may have experienced certain examples of situations in life, their perception of a situation or person can sometimes be correct simply because they may have picked up on a pattern of mannerisms, speech, or appearance. In some of those situations their availability heuristic is useful, therefore they will continue to assume in any case that may be similar can easily be placed into the same group and then be judged in the same matter since they had experienced that positive outcome of their perception.
Though, when those perceptions are based out of prejudices or stereotypes,…

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