Essay about What Does The Term `` Renewable `` Mean?

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1. What does the term “renewable” mean?
The term renewable when referencing resources means a source of energy that is not exhausted by use, types of renewable resources include water, wind and solar power.
2. Which two renewable energy forms did you choose?
In this DF I’d like to discuss biofuel and hydrokinetic power.
3. For each, describe two benefits.
Biofuel yields many benefits, however, I feel like the two most important benefits we see when utilizing biofuels are, number one is that it is renewable and number two it reduces Greenhouse gases. Unlike fossil fuels, that we so greatly depend on, biofuels come from renewable resources such as corn, manure, and waste from plant crops, yard waste, fruits and vegetables. These resources can be replenished and recycled for biofuel. Biofuels also reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses that are released into the atmosphere, according to conserve energy future, “Studies suggests that biofuels reduces greenhouse gases up to 65 percent” ("Advantages and Disadvantages of Biofuels - Conserve Energy Future", 2013). Reducing greenhouse gas helps slow and reduce the effects of climate change and global warming which has accelerated greatly over the past 10-20 years.
Two benefits of hydrokinetic power is one, unlike the traditional hydro power projects that we’ve learned about in this week’s readings, hydrokinetic energy projects do not require large dams, impoundments of water or canals and diversions of the water that can…

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