What Do You Think? Essay examples

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hanks to all of you who responded to by my email transmission of 'what do you think '... regarding the recent presidential election results.
I was soliciting responses for sentiment analysis.

I received some interesting feedback.

Some of the people in my email distribution list that voted for Trump actually personally despise him. However, knowing what they know...they considered Hillary to be 'that bad '... so their conscious would not allow them to vote for the Democratic party.

I was on the phone with a Neighbor yesterday and we are in agreement on the following things that we do not like about Trump.

- His misogynistic views on women He 'is ' a slime around women. My neighbor was on a flight to Vegas one time and set next to Miss Nevada. She confirmed that during the beauty contests that he acted like a pig.

- His proposed action on undocumented residents Deportation of millions that have been part of the working community for decades is unrealistic and will never happen. Big business wanting cheaper labor is the reason that they are here in the first place.

There has to be some type of controlled transitional integration... keeping the good guys and deporting the violent ones and the gang bangers. Enforce border controls.

Abuse of the system such as illegal immigrants ITN numbers and filing of fraudulent child care credits and a multitude of other programs has to be monitored and corrected. Multi-billions of taxpayers dollars have been drained off…

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