Essay on What Do You Think When You Look At Me?

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Mogahed is an Egyptian-American that started her career as an engineer. She’s a Muslim that decided to wear her head covering by the age of seventeen. In the Ted Talk “What Do You Think When You Look At Me?”, Dalia Mogahed discusses the predicaments and accusations Muslims have encountered, including her personal experiences. Through the use of all three rhetorical appeals, pathos being the dominant appeal, Mogahed skillfully conveys her message to the audience that 1.6 billion Muslims shouldn’t be shunned because of the actions of a minority.
Mogahed embeds her argument by using ethos and introduces herself to the audience with the different classifications she has been labeled, some of which being an “oppressed brainwashed terrorist”(1). She demonstrates patience and strength by making light of the situation and identifying herself as an “airport security line delay”(1). That’s not the only way she categorizes herself, Mogahed declares herself as a “mom, a coffee lover… an introvert… a wannabe fitness fanatic [and a spiritual Muslim]”(2). Mogahed skillfully uses humor and normality to indicate that she chose to be a Muslim, she “wasn’t born this way”, like Lady Gaga would state (2). By doing that, Mogahed shows that she is an ordinary human being that was convinced to follow the Islamic religion, not forced. Furthermore, Mogahed states that she “wrestled with the Quran. [She] read and reflected and questioned and doubted and, ultimately, believed”. She trusted God and…

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