What Do You Think About Racism? Essay

1575 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 null Page
What do you think about racism in America? Ever wondered why people do drugs, or why they get addicted to drugs? Have you ever wanted to invent a product that can make your life easier but does not know where to start? Ever think of marriage? Who is Chelsea? Chelsea Handle is an American Comedian Icon. Chelsea also has other talents such as an actress, writer, and a late night host of her very own show, Chelsea Lately! In 2016, Chelsea Handler launched her very own document series with four episodes on Netflix. Chelsea Handler touches the subjects like marriage, Silicon Valley, Racism, and Drugs.

First, Handler began the document with marriage. Her thoughts on marriage are strangely similar to mine. Chelsea states she has "never had the feeling of being in a wedding dress."(“Chelsea Does Marriage.”, Handler, Chelsea). Chelsea interviews a class with kids, her family, along with different types of couples. Kids define marriage as "Marriage is when you love, then have a family."(“Chelsea Does Marriage.”, Handler, Chelsea).. Chelsea explains how she does not see herself getting married or being a long term relationship. The children suggest "Maybe you (Chelsea) forgot how to be in a relationship."(“Chelsea Does Marriage.”, Handler, Chelsea). The argument within the conversation with the kids is conflicts within itself and Chelsea way of her desire and pleasure that she has towards marriage. She does want a partner for life but she has never felt actual love like most…

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