What Do People Do When They Are Leading Essay

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What Do People Do When They Are Leading
Brenda L. Williams-Capers
Dr. Eddie Montgomery
Lithonia Campus
BUS-520 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
June 2, 2013
Strayer University

This paper will analyze the leadership style and philosophy, of Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, an on-line footwear and clothing retailer that has become a gold standard for customer service and company culture. The paper will also analyze how Tony Hsieh's leadership style aligns with the culture, and examine his personal and organizational values. It will also examine how those values are likely to influence ethical behavior within the organization.

Tony Hsieh: What Do People Do When They Are Leading
Tony Hsieh got his start as the
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It is important that Zappos' employees always act with integrity in relationships both internally and externally everyday by Zappo's employees at work and outside of work. This creates compassionate, friendly, loyal, which leads to employees doing the right thing (Zappos, 2013).
Tony Heish Greatest Strengths and Greatest Weaknesses
Leaders create visions and encourages followers to identify with those visions and inspires followers to work towards fulfilling them. Strengths and weaknesses of a leader depends on the competence of the leader (Dirk, 2013). Tony Heish greatest strengths are: (1). Innovator, Adviser and Investor. (2). Helping employees grow both personally and professionally.(3). Building strong organizational culture while encouraging employees to have fun. Tony Heish greatest weaknesses are: (1). Shyness, he states that he has to focus on being in a lot of different situations where he has to meet and talk to people (Heish, 2013). (2).Unorganized work cuticles, Zappos employees work cuticles are overly cluttered at first glance. It could appear that employees are not organized, however employees are being allowed to have fun at work. (3).

What has made Tony Hsieh successful
Tony Hsieh is successful mainly because he listens and hires the right people to build a great company culture. He encourages employees to be creative and to communicate

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