What Different Kinds Of Pants Do You Own? Essay

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Think about the contents in your closet. What different kinds of pants do you own? Bell Bottoms? Corduroy? Khakis?Denim Jeans? Before 1987 people only had one style of khaki pants, and they were mostly advertised to women. When Dockers launched their ad campaign targeted men, it became a popular fashion trend that almost everyone in the nation can relate to.

70% of American men between the ages of 25-45 own a pair of dockers, and khakis are expected to be more popular by next century. Not only are they more popular, there are many variations of khakis that you can get compared to Jeans. So what does that say about, not only Docker’s, but all of the companies that have made their living off of their famous, and infamous ads targeting an untapped group of potential buyers.

The first ad Dockers put out was titled ‘Poolman’. This ad panned across a large area of lots of men, not of their faces, but mostly shots from the waist down. Amongst the muttered conversation you can hear people talking about their abundance in money and their friends and wives. They also slip in a few comments about those men that are struggling in life. This ad is relatable and desirable to all groups of men. The voice-over then announces the product. “If you’re not wearing Docker’s, you’re just wearing pants.” This provokes a desire to be more than average in a man’s mind.

Part of why the advertising campaign went so well is because men value the opinion of others. In the article, two psychologists…

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