What Did I Learn? Essay example

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What did I learn in this class? It would be truly impossible for me to talk about one thing which I learned in this class, because I had not had any Artificial Intelligence experience or class before, so everything covered in class was a learning experience for me, to include JAVA programming language. Within this paper I will talk about not only what I learned in class, but also what I found to be interesting and what I will probably use in the future. The topics I feel I learned the most about were Genetic Algorithms (GAs).
Genetic Algorithms
The reason for me to pick GAs is because of the link between GA and Biology. Since Biology is one of my favorite science the aforementioned link allowed me to understand GA better because I understood the basic elements of it without many struggles. The following is my explanation of how I learned and understood GAs easier than any other subject covered in class. All known organisms are composed of one or more cells, each of which in turn contains one or more chromosomes (that is, DNA strands) which have the function of being a "blueprint" of the organism to which they belong. One chromosome can be conceptually divided into genes, functional blocks of DNA encode a given protein. Each gene is located in a certain position (place) within the chromosome it is part of. Many organisms have several chromosomes in each cell. An organism genome is the complete collection of genetic material. What is known as genotype, is the set of genes in…

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