What Contributions Will You Make To The University As A Panther Advisor Leader (PAL)?

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What contributions will you make to the university as a Panther Advisor Leader (PAL)?
The contributions I would like to be able to make to the university as a Panther Advisor Leader for 2016-2017 is the ability to represent Prairie View A&M in the best way possible. I want to be able to an outstanding example as a PAL. In high school I was in a fact a PAL for 2 years in which we had a class period for 2 hours where we would go to the local elementary schools in our school district and mentor the students that were struggling with their grades, socially, or even having problems at home. With the experience of mentoring for 2 years prior to coming to college, I would hope I would be a strong contribution by having experience of being able to
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I hope to be a good role model to them by presenting myself positively on campus. To excel on my grades and on campus. I want them to see a good a true ‘Productive Panther ' so they will be able to have a good example. I also want to be able to be there for them just as much as my Pals were for me. Now finishing up my freshman year I know it was not as easy and I want to be able to the be there for them and help them through this journey from transforming from a high school student to college student they will have to endure. From them being in a whole new environment and away from home, them not being under their parent 's guidance to make sure they are doing right, to the peer pressures of the outside world coming in on them that would try to push them in the wrong direction. I want to help them better themselves and help them find who they really are. I also want to be able to teach them the inspiring history of our campus to allow them to truly love their HBCU and to know what it truly means to attend an HBCU other than a PWI. I want to help them love their campus and never allow them to second guess on if they chose the right college to

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