What Challenges And Difficulties Have You Faced? How Did You Respond?

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HIP Application Essay

What challenges or difficulties have you faced? How did you respond?
Similarly to many kids my age, I always played sports. When I was younger, I was successful and competitive. I always thought I’d continue with athletics through high school. However, I began to struggle because of my size. I was short and there was no way around it. While I continue playing travel soccer, I’m not as serious about sports as I thought I’d be. I’ve been taking the opportunity to spend more time at my other interests. For example, I’d been playing drums for a few years but never really had the time to do as much as I wanted. I’ve had the chance to do a few performances as part of a band and am very interested in doing more.
Another challenge I faced around the same time dealt with academics. School had always been quite easy for me. I did little to no studying, performed well on tests and quizzes up until halfway through freshman year when suddenly, it became tough. I found myself struggling because I didn’t know how to study effectively and efficiently. Now, I have figured it out, and I know better how to manage learning the large volume of information necessary for performing well on assessments. The hardest challenge I have faced has been socially. I can easily have intelligent discussions with an adult, but the same does not hold true when conversing with my peers. On group projects, I am more than willing to take the responsibility of the leadership role…

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