Case Study: Biggest Challenges Facing The Organization

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Biggest Challenges Facing the Organization Amy Wilcox advised that big challenge facing their organization would be creating a learning environment. She advised that Human Resources Department is devoted to creating a learning environment for its employees and making it part of the Farmers Insurance Culture. Most new employees partake in six to twelve training programs. Farmers Insurance has received awards for its training programs. She advised that if employees are struggling than Human Resource Consultant will work the manager to determine if additional training or resources are needed to assist the employees. She advised that part of her position is to make sure that the right people are in the right jobs. If they are not in the right positions, than …show more content…
She advised that her position has changed to focus on assisting only claims leadership. She advised that if she receives a benefit questions than she was forward them to the subject expert. She advised that were it gets confusing is when she asked to present a webinar on the benefits, but after the presentation she would still need to forward questions to the subject experts. She advised that this is confusing to employees and claims management. She advised that it sends mixed messages and she wishes they would change their Human Resources model, (A. Wilcox, personal communication, June 9, 2015).
How the Human Resource Consultant Works with the Manager
The following table provides the responses provided by the Human Resource Consultant and the manger regarding the perceived value that the Human Resource function brings to the organization from the eye of the human resources and as well as the eye of the manager. The perceived value is rated one for low importance and up to seven for high importance.
Human Resource Roles and Impact Table Human Resource Activities HR Consultant Priority Rating Manager Priority

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