Describe The Most Significant Challenges I Face

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Question #5 :Describe the most significant challenge you have faces and the steps you have taken to overcome this challenge. How has this challenge affected your academic achievement?
See you later
Feeling a kiss on my forehead, and hearing the words “see you soon” would be the memories I had of my dad every time he would go to Mexico and visit me. I would keep my eyes closed and just try to remember the funniest memories I had with him. I was capable of having an upstanding childhood, since my mom was always around me. Until my dad decided to bring us to the the United States and live again as a family. I learned a lot of information about what my parents went through and how it affected me. My dad in Mexico did not have a stable job and how we had to be moving from house to house with my mom. Until one day he got tired and decided to migrate to Los Angeles, California.
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However when he brought us to the United States and gave us the chance to have an education and spend time with the family, made realize how much he cares. The steps my family use to overcome this challenge was spending more time as a family, helping us with our homework and ask questions about our past.
When my dad gave my brother and me the opportunity to have an education here motivated to learn the new language fast. At first going to a new school start it affecting my academics since I felt I was falling behind. My academic skills were not the same since at times I was not able to understand the instructions. However I was motivated in school and home to learn english and keep growing as a person. I decided to take extra english classes at school and speak to my friends in english only and make them help me on learning new

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