Essay about What Can Teachers Do For Success?

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Introduction As we have discussed throughout our studies in this module there are numerous critical skills that students will need for success in the above settings when pursing goals after they complete their educational journey and enter there post school life. These can include anything from continuing education, vocational education to straight to employment. These critical skills can include personal, social, reading and vocational skills (Snell and Brown, 2011).
What can teachers do to provide opportunities to practice these skills? Educators can provide opportunities for practice of critical skills to improve outcomes through several sources on in the school environment. This includes Career-Technical Education, School-Based Enterprises, on campus jobs, job clubs and vocational student organizations. The key is to for teachers to understand their student’s strengths and needs. As educators, we must know what skills our student’s have and what they need help with. Teachers can also develop opportunities for students to practice these skills by creating instructional materials and activities that allow students to use and understand these important skills. Through the development of these opportunities, educators the ability to learn more about their students. They are able to offer their students positive feedback, assist them in areas where they may need additional assistance. Teachers can help in working with their building their self-determination and…

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