Essay about What Are Your Strengths?

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What are your strengths?
My strengths are my dedication and optimism. I am a very dedicated individual. The more dedicated I am the more passionate I become. I want to be a doctor so I am pursuing all the necessa¬ry classes, even if they are difficult. I continue to remain dedicated when I think about how much time and effort I have invested in my future. In addition, thinking positively is another strength of mine. I am able to see the bright side of many situations. From each negative situation, I take it as a lesson and an opportunity for growth.
Name two weakness and how you plan to improve them?
Two of my worst attributes are being competitive and straightforward. Being competitive in a healthy sense has helped me maintain high standards for my work. When I decided to be on the medical track, I knew competitiveness would be fundamental for me to succeed. However, this is a weakness because I tend to focus on someone else’s success rather than my own. I become induced with being the best. With that being said, I am learning that I can’t always be the best but must always try my best. Another weakness I have is a straightforward personality. I am one to speak my mind and love to get my opinion across to people. This is good because I can always add my input that can help improve what I am doing, but sometimes people take this the wrong way. People assume I am outspoken. These are 2 flaws I plan to improve, by working in teams. Working in groups will help me learn to…

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