What Are Your Macros? Essay

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What are your macros?
Did you hit your macros?
The word macros is something you hear very often in health and fitness, and it crucial to whatever you physical goals are.
If you are new to training, tracking your macros and all that, you might not know what macros mean, in which case continue reading to learn what macros are all about!
Or if you just want a little refresher on the topic then you can stick around too. What do Macros Mean?
Macros is short of macronutrients, these are the nutrients that your body needs in greater amounts to function properly.
Macronutrients are made up of protein, carbohydrates (carbs), and fats.
Next, we will look at each of the macronutrients individually. Protein
You know I had to start with the big daddy of them all . . . PROTEIN!
Proteins are made from their building blocks called amino acids. There are 20 common amino acids.
9 of the 20 are termed essential amino acids because your body cannot make them on its own, while, the other 11 can be made by the body as long as it is provided with the ingredients.
There is 2 types of proteins: complete and incomplete.
= Complete Protein – A source is considered complete if it provides you with all essential amino acids in good amounts.
Some complete protein sources are meat, fish, milk, eggs, and soy.
= Incomplete Protein – You can probably guess that incomplete protein sources are those that don’t provide all essential amino acids in adequate amounts.
Incomplete sources come mostly from…

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