Essay What Are Your Career Goals?

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I wanted to start off by saying, in addition to the Cayman Islands and London programs you have asked me about, I have also participated in the Cuba Spring Break Program and the Granada, Spain summer program.

Q) Can you tell me a little about your background and your path to law school?

A) During my senior year of high school I enlisted in the Army as a Military Intelligence Analyst. I served in the Army for over 5 years, most of which was spent overseas. When my time in service was coming to an end, I knew I would struggle to find a job comparable to what I did in the military. So instead of looking for similar jobs, I looked for a career path where I could use the skills I developed as an intelligence analyst, namely, research and writing. Those skills flowed naturally into the practice of law, setting me on the path to law school.

Q) What are your career goals?

A) I would like to specialize in Criminal Appeals, however, I will likely start my career as a public defender.

Q) Why did you decide to participate in the Cayman Islands intersession?

A) There were a number of reasons the Caymans program appealed to me. What first drew to the program was the desire to travel. I’m very interested experiencing as much of the world as I can, seeing new locations and experiencing new cultures. The Caymans program afforded me an opportunity to do that. What cemented my desire to participate in the program where the classes being offered during the programs. To be specific, one…

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