Video Games Argumentative Essay

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In today’s society, video games have caused children to act out aggressively and violently. The evolution of video games over the decades has been drastic. Modern video games allow adolescents to acquire knowledge that would not be available to them otherwise, such as accurate aiming and shooting a gun. In a virtual world, there is no consequences for crime, which teaches them that it is okay to be a murderer, thief, drug dealer, or alcoholic. After an extended amount of time spent in a virtual world, it can become difficult to differentiate reality from a game. Games alone do not cause aggressive behavior to arise, but combined with other emotional or mental problems, they can cause teenagers to develop a dangerous lifestyle due to their undeveloped brains. To eliminate the negative effects on children, video game use should be regulated by parents. Aggression in young people can often be attributed …show more content…
They can promote teamwork, sharing, and empathy. Virtual games allow stress levels to decrease and positive emotions to increase (Barclay 3). Video games can also increase problem solving abilities, hand-eye coordination, and visual-spatial skills. Young people have the opportunity to be themselves without fear of judgment from others. Adolescents can create relationships and friendships through games with people who are interested in the same activities. These interactions can allow them to not feel alone. Video games can help children decide on a future career. Today, there are video simulations used to train pilots, law enforcement, and many other employees. These forms of video games can allow a student to be aware of the difficulty and responsibility of a job field they are interested in. Scientists have also found active video games teach children with cancer to follow their treatment schedule (4). Though video games have many negative effects, there are also progressive effects caused by

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