What Are The Importance Of Wild Animals

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Introduction “This June, Sweden, a far-right party in the Democratic staff, named AngeloVukasovic, recently posted online a lot of himself in South Africa hunting photos, claiming giraffe meat are best to eat meat, sparked outrage in Sweden, people were attacked (Shunwang, 2016).” This news shows the bad influence on the ruthless hunting of animals, but he said to excuse himself, hunting activity in South Africa was entirely legal. Hunting specific animals is not only beneficial to humans, but also conducive to animals. The news that the guy defended for himself on hunting wild animals was reported by the media again and again, almost all the news wanted to pass a signal that it is illegal and immoral and not humanistic to hunt the wild animals. Also, like “An American hunter on television to defend the killing of animals: "We kill these animals does not mean we do not respect them giraffes are very dangerous animals, among them blink of an eye you will be able to cause serious injury (Baidutieba, 2015).” All the worlds want to hit the illegal wild hunting, whereas coming back to normal life and demands, nutritionists have long pointed out that, after all, are rich in meat and many …show more content…
It is undeniable that wild animals are banned to hunt to some extent. Also, extinct animals are absolutely banned to hunt. We have a responsibility to help and protect these animals, for providing a comfortable environment. However, human need the meats and eggs for survival, and in the global economy, animals food market and fur coats or shoes market and other market should be considered immensely. Also, excessive hunting should be banned by legality; we need to control the quantity for a great cycle in the ecosystem. Moreover, recreation hunting could exist to some extent, but all the people have to abide by the local laws and under the regulation. Therefore, with the help of the law and powerful regulation, animals should be

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