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College career students come across classes that they are forced to take. Whether it’s a gen-ed (general education), a core requirement, or prerequisite for another class. From that many students come to the conclusion that the classes they come across as believed to be a waste of time, regret taking the class , most of the time they either didn’t learn anything. But from taking this course I can honestly say I learned a lot of things that are useful. Writing is a crucial way in one expressing themselves. You can tell one’s understanding of something through writing.
Throughout my life I struggled with voicing my opinion and thoughts. Growing up I was told that I couldn’t say or question someone’s actions. I always had to comply with someone’s
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This course had opened me up to new experiences. I never experienced having a whole class read any of my stories. At first I was very uncomfortable and nervous with one of the requirements were having the class read each other’s stories. I was very nervous when it came time for the class to read my story. Many thoughts pondered in my head like this story is stupid, why I took this course, or why students have to read my work, it should be between a student and the professor. Often times I found myself complaining about the requirements for the class. Often when I wrote an essay or paper my teachers would be the only ones to read it. They would just give me a grade and not give me any criticism about my writing, only how it pertained to the …show more content…
I learned that I have a serious problem with grammar. No one ever took the time to tell me that they had a hard time reading my writings because of grammar. Often times when people read my writing they would say I needed to explain the topic more, but never grammar. I also realized that I don’t really explain myself especially in my writings. I’m always under the impression that it’s a waste of time trying to explain something that can be very obvious. Often times I believed that they knew what I was talking about, when in reality they didn’t. For example in my writing I never really write about the setting or how a character looks. I leave it up to the audience to think about how the setting is, like a desert in my first story. As a writer an expectations for the audience was to think about the way a scene or a story is set up for themselves. But from this exercise I learned that setting the scene is essential because it helps the audience understand characters logic. Why did a character decide to do this instead of that route instead of the other route?
I learned as writing I am the one who is creating the world. The audience who is reading my work if getting a feel of who I am. How I think and what I want to accomplish. Writing is really and truly a form of expression that I never really thought of. Just as if someone were to express their love for someone or hate, the same applies for writing

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