What Are The Factors That Affect Performance And Employee Development?

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Employees are considered as one of the asset of an organization. Employee plays very important role in growth of an organization. Job Performance and attitude of a person vary individual to individual and person to person, according to their wants, need, likes, dislikes and interests and that can be influence or effected by other factors as well. These factors can be economic, cultural and social, factor can also be HR related. From past decayed employees retention is one of the biggest problems for an organization. Organizations fall to satisfy their employees, which really affect the performance. Factors which effect performance of an employee can be stress, work place design, employees empowerment and employee retention.
Rana et al.’s (2011)
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There is a direct relationship between employee performance and employee development. The employee’s commitment towards the work is increased when he is developed which includes attending seminars, workshops and other training sessions which can be on the job or off the job. Employee development is recognized by employees who are willing to learn and who want to learn. When employees are willing to learn they would pay attention to their work and they will pay interest in the development activities which will lead to employee performance. It is the personal responsibility of the employee to take part in employee development which leads to improved performance. Some of the development activities includes: coaching, 360degree feedback and development centers and development …show more content…
It is also named by human resource development. There is direct relation between employee development and employee performance. To enhance the performance of the employees and for their development different tanning programs and different activities are organized by the organization. When an employee is more developed, they will be more satisfy with the job, they will be more loyal with the organization and ultimately performance of employee and organization increased.
For the past many years turn over is been a biggest threat for an organization and the most important reason for that is, when employee didn’t see any growth in an organization he switch to other organization. For that reason organization has to provide development opportunities to the employees. There are two schools of thoughts for that. One of them is
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