Improving Employee Performance

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Transmittal This is a report that I prepared on a company whose employees were demoralized leading to poor performance. The company efficiency had decreased drastically leading to doubling of absenteeism. I compiled a report based on two alternatives that I thought were the best solution to the problem. At first, I had chosen hoteling and hot-disking against job sharing. However, I later scaled down to hoteling and job sharing. This was informed by the fact that hot-disking is slightly different from hoteling and hoteling appeared to be more efficient. The research in this report is limited to specific organizations; for hoteling to work, the activities of the company should flexible enough to be conducted at home with no group work required. …show more content…
Employees are become less productive due to the monotonous nature of their work. Poor morale among workers has been blamed for the problem which is increasingly affecting the performance of many firms. Absenteeism and lack of motivation among workers is to blame for the overall poor performance of these organizations. This report focuses on providing probable solution for the problem by comparing two different alternatives that firms can adopt.
This report identifies hoteling and job sharing as the best option in boosting the morale of employees to increase the performance of companies. Hoteling is achieved by allowing the employees to work from home and only go to their work place if they need to transact with the rest of the employees. On the other hand, job sharing allows several workers to share the same post, each working in shifts. After identifying the two options, the report gives detailed information that can be used to measure the two instances. Five criteria were used to measure the performance of both methods. These criteria were; cost, worker, morale, efficiency, productivity, and company image. To support the analysis, the report includes different examples where the performance of each company that employed either method was
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This is due to the fact that demoralized workers tend to be less effective in their daily endeavors. Therefore, there was a need to find out a solution to the problem and help the company improve its efficiency. Demoralized employees tend to show others bad example leading to an overall poor performance. Additionally, absenteeism has increase twice leading to low productivity as working hours are lost. Also, most workers are discouraged by the fact that their colleagues are absent and they are expected to cover them. A research into the problem has pinpointed inflexibility as the main cause of the problem. Employees find it hard to stick to the tight working schedule. As a result, the employees have lost their loyalty to the company leading them to offer poor quality

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