What Are The Dimensions Of Diversity In The Workplace

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Why are so many people reluctant to change in the workplace? In today’s society, constructive changes are needed in the workplace because employees are constantly looking for more creative and innovative ways to become more efficient and successful. New technology and initiatives are constantly flourishing daily and we must learn how embrace diverse culture, people, and other opportunities. Therefore, as a new director of a state agency, one has encounter many challenges and obstacles concerning some discontent in the organization about the hiring and promotion practices of the agency. In order to alleviate fear and discontent within the organization as new director, one has to examine the dimensions of diversity in multifaceted forms and develop a diversity consciousness or cultural awareness and understanding of diverse people and other ideas in the workplace.
The dimensions of diversity can be defined as “specific traits viewed as distinguishing one person or group from another” (Bucher, 2010). Ethnicity, Gender, and Race are all characteristic traits that
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Diversity skills consists of verbal and nonverbal communication skills, collective participation, and leadership techniques. Diversity awareness is the ability to enhance one learning styles and networking circle with diverse people from every walks of life. Lastly, understanding diversity allows employees effectively face their social barriers and get out of their comfort zones. According to
Charles K. Poole. “You cannot categorize diversity by what a person looks like. It’s what that person can do for the organization that matters the most” (Poole, 2010). In other words, as a new state director, implementing and managing diversity should involve more than race, but also other factors such as education, leadership, and other gifts and

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