The Benefits Of Recycling In Mexico

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Recycling can really make a tremendous difference in the environment and it is something that more and more people should begin to do. People in Mexico, have to drive to a recycling center to do their recycling. We have become a society that is built on accessibility. The less accessible something is, the less likely we are to do it. Imagine if movie theaters were unavailable in the area and closest theater was in St Louis. The long drive would probably deter you from going to the movies. You most likely would wait until the movie you want to see is on video so you could rent it at the local video store. Just like you would not want to drive all the way to St Louis to go to the movies many people do not want to drive across town to do their …show more content…
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest for a big portion of my life. This part of the county takes pride in saving the environment. The trash company supplies everyone with a recycling bin to ensure they will choose to recycle. I personally noticed the benefits of recycling and how it can cut down on the amount of trash you throw away by half. By having the curbside recycling bins accessible for their customers the trash companies in the Northwest made recycling hassle free. If the city of Mexico wants to see more people use the recycling program, they should really look into the benefits of curbside …show more content…
By providing bins to everyone in town, those who have not recycled in the past can be persuaded to now recycle. If something is more accessible the chances of others taking advantage of the program increases. Some cities encourage residents to use the recycling bins by giving them a discount on their trash bill. Currently residents of Mexico only have the less accessible option of recycling centers. Imaging the increase in recycling city wide if it was more accessible to the people of Mexico.
We are living in a time that we look for accessibility. If we have to go out of our way to recycle the less likely we are to do it. Just like with traveling to St Louis for the movies, people loading the car with recyclables to drive across town is not accessible. If you have a movie theater down the street your likely to go, there than making the trip to St Louis. If you have a recycling bin next to your trash can you are more likely to put your recyclables in the bin rather than the trash. Because it is the most convenient way to recycle I believe Mexico would benefit from a curbside recycling

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