The Problem Of Littering

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The best way to keep roads and highways clean is have communities provide recycling bins, cheaper trash services, and educate the public about the problem of litter. The problem of litter lying along roadways is an everyday problem in Licking County, Ohio. The trash is making us look like we don’t care about our community and the roadways that we travel on a daily basis. The people are affected the most because tax dollars go up for a litter crew to go out and pick up the trash that people could have taken care of themselves. Trash has and always will be a problem for everyone. So much is produced in a day by one person. Many things have been implemented to try, but they aren’t working well along roadways. In large and even small cities, communities …show more content…
People litter as a conceive to them and not the environment. No one as a tourist wants to look at trash laying around Licking County, however, according to the JB Green Team “once litter is on the ground, it attracts more litter. A clean community, by contrast, can discourage littering and improve community appearance and quality of life.” (Illegal Dumping & Litter, n.d., para 2). Litter is ugly and a clean, litter free community is much better to look at over trash in any place not just our community that we live in. If the community was more clean it would attract more tourism than what Licking County does now. Litter does not just appear all by itself someone has to use it and put it down for it to be considered to be litter. People however, think that, “They believe someone else, a park maintenance or highway worker, will pick up after them”. (Tips for preventing litter in your community, n.d., Para 1). We need to pick up after ourselves and not have other people do it for us. People litter as a convenience to them and do not think about the other things that can happen when trash hits the …show more content…
Recycling does help if each person would recycle, it would be create less trash and we would reuse the objects we recycle. Just to recycle a few items a day would help, “Recycling can help reduce the quantities of solid waste deposited in landfills, which have become increasingly expensive. Recycling also reduces the pollution of air, water, and land resulting from waste disposal” (Recycling, 2014, para.1). Recycling will not stop littering everywhere, but it will make things better than they are now. We have to do something about the litter just laying around or it is just going to get worse, take a look at Talking Trash resources, “The solid waste disposal industry has grown to $35 billion annually, according to an article in 20 January 1999 online issue of Inside business.” (Taylor, 1999, para 3). Even though this statistic is over ten years old it still says a lot, trash has increased over the past years and will continue to grow over the next century. Recycling is the better option compared to taking it to the landfill. Recycling is the cheapest and most environmental way to deal with the trash that can be reused instead of pounding it into the ground with big

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