Benefits Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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Allowing Adults to Act Like Adults. Of the 190 other countries in this world, 61% have a legal drinking age of 18. This is the age that many teenagers get a first job, a first car, and try new things for the first time. Although these young adults can have almost unlimited responsibility, drinking is one thing they cannot do. If the United States were to lower the drinking age, it would allow for new opportunities to make everybody’s life easier. Lowering the drinking age to 18 would give young adults the chance to feel like they have the same opportunities as the people they work with, it benefits the economy with more money intake from alcohol purchases, and more monitoring could be done on 18 year olds that drink in private.
Young adults
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As a society we have been influenced towards the attitude that a higher drinking age will eliminate many of society’s problems with young people and alcohol and yet society expects these same young people to be mature enough to defend our country, vote for our leaders and live and work as productive contributing members of society. The economic impact of lowering the drinking age also many beneficial aspects for our country. The possibility that the money spent to illicitly purchase alcohol while under the age of 21 could go to benefiting business such as bars and restaurants is monumental. The flow of revenue as more people are legally able to purchase alcohol would have such a positive impact on not only businesses but could be used to fund so many programs on the state and federal level. Take the sigma away from drinking at a younger age and more young people will drink in responsible environments where they can be monitored much better then secretly drinking in fear of getting caught. Lowering the drinking age to 18 is a reasonable and beneficial move for not only the individual but the economy as

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