Essay Benefits Of Going To College

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Graduating high school students are faced with many challenges as they prepare to leave high school and move on into their adult life. The most urgent of these is, will you attend college? The norm now is that all students should continue their education through college, but some believe that we are encouraging too many students to this and they should instead get an entry level, low skill job or train to learn a trade skill. We are not encouraging too many students to go to college because college will benefit an individual financially and mentally as well as nearly ensure a job over low skilled workers. The benefits of going to college outweighs the costs involved in attending. Money, everyone wants it and college can get it for you. Many …show more content…
There is a flaw to this plan, if in fact everyone attended college you would not see the benefits you would if only some went because going to college would no longer put you above others educationally, but rather on par with them. This situation is improbable at best due to the fact that no mater what there will be some people who dropout or do not attend altogether, still giving you a leg up on the competition. Learning in itself is beneficial if not the most convincing reason to attend college. Expanding your fields of view can help you see things different ways and potentially lead to improvements in various skills that may or may not seem useful. Learning in general is good, but a more direct focus is the most beneficial. The costs involved in going to college can be a major turnoff regardless of the rewards. Some people see college as something in the distance and unobtainable, and Dr. Lyle McKinney professor of higher education understands this and believes college is always a choice no matter your situation. His main opinion on the costs of college is that if loans can get you in and through college, then the education can pay off the loans

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