What Advances Of Telecommunications Technology Do You View As Being Most Beneficial For Logistics Management? Why?

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2-5. What advances in telecommunications technology do you view as being most beneficial to logistics management? Why?
Today, most companies are using social media to enhance the growth of their businesses as well as improving the value of the businesses. In the logistics and supply chain industry, the adoption of social media has been relatively recent, and it has brought about its share of benefits. These include increasing the visibility of the organizations, building brand images, driving campaigns, and attracting new customers hence expanding markets. This is along with increasing both the market and business intelligence (Murphy & Knemeyer, 2014).

2-10. Discuss the importance of timely and accurate information to a logistics information system.
There are several dimensions under which timely information is involved. “Timely” can, for instance, refer to the situation where the information in question is up to date. This can be influenced by the procedures for data collection and analysis. The ideal sources of information should be obtained from both internal the external environments. In most cases, the internal sources of information are plentiful although sometimes this may not be the case. “Timely” may also refer to the speed of the information reaching the relevant parties. This is influenced by the procedures that the organization adopts for the retrieval and dissemination of the information to the decision makers. The adoption of the recent technological…

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