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Ice Melting Experiment and Analysis

The objective of this experiment is to test the melting point of ice against different variables. I will use a control of ice against air and test this next to ice in water, sugar on ice, salt on ice and Baking Soda on ice. By measuring the melting time of each element on an ice cube I will be able to tell which element affects ice’s melting properties at what rate.
Everyday we use chemical mixtures to melt ice that affects our roadways. A lot of these chemical mixtures are harmful to our waterways, and can pollute the environment. I
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The web community called Planet Seed, explains a laboratory experiment called “How Long Can an Ice Cube Last?” this experiment focuses on protecting the ice cube from melting, but uses similar scientific concepts as this experiment.
The ice cube is at a solid state, and by adding different elements to it like water, sugar or salt, called conductors to increase the temperature of the ice cube. When the ice cube temperature increases to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it changes from a solid to a liquid state. The heat transfer occurs between two objects (Baking Soda and ice cube) with different temperatures. During the heat transfer, the ice receives additional heat from the element, called the heat of fusion, to give the water molecules the energy they need to break away from the ice structure and move about more freely in the liquid state (Schlumberger, 2014). The temperature of the water remains at 32 degrees Fahrenheit until all of the ice is melted, after that, the temperature of the water will continue to rise if additional heat is transferred to it (Schlumberger, 2014).
Experimental Design * To being, start with frozen ice cubes, and weighing the cubes to get identical size. * Weigh the initial mass of the ice cube, and gently sprinkle ½ teaspoon of a dry material onto the ice. * Set your timer for 15 minutes. * After the 15 minutes, pour off the melted water into a measuring cup. * Measure the amount of melted

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