Western And Eastern Parenting Styles Essay

1188 Words Oct 19th, 2016 5 Pages
The difference between Western and Eastern parenting styles sets them apart from each other. Even though the parenting styles are different, there are similarities as well. In the western area, the parenting style tends to be more lenient and not so direct. On the other hand, Eastern parents are more strict when it comes to their children 's education. There are also various consequence as a result of the way they are brought up, both positive and negative. Despite the similarities and difference both parenting styles care for the well beings of their children, even though the parents have a different way of expressing those concerns.The culture in which they grow up in also plays a huge role in the way the children are taught. But, one thing that’s the same for both, is the parents desire for their children to be happy in life. In the western, the parents are more defined as being an authoritative parent. For these types of parents they fall into the category of being lenient in discipline and moderate on the expectations of their children. This type of style is furthermore rational as parents don’t want the same things to happen to their children as the struggles the parents probably went through as far as in education. This causes the nurturing of parents to being understanding of the various struggles that students have towards education. And as though the parents want best for their children, all the parents do is provide comfort and always be the supportive parent…

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