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Composition I
Week 9 IW Assignment Worksheet

As you did in Week 3, please fill in the answers to the prompts on this worksheet and save them as a Word doc. You are only filling in the blue areas! Then, attach your completed worksheet to your drop box submission.

You will work to create your thesis statement and a basic outline for a comparison/contrast essay. There are two patterns from which to choose, and you will select ONE below.

Creating a Thesis Statement and Basic Outline for the Comparison/Contrast Essay

I.) First, you’ll choose two items to compare and contrast. There are some great examples of items to compare/contrast on pages 229-230 in our textbook, especially #9, #10, #11, #12, #14, and #15.
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Your thesis statement may be as simple as filling in this model:

Based on (criteria #1), (criteria #2,) and (criteria #3), item A is preferable to (or better than) item B.

Write your thesis statement here:

Technology has changed so much over the years, from television to how you communicate with others. Technology gotten better and better as the years progressed and we are able to do things that I would never have imaged a few years ago.

IV.) Finally, you will create a basic outline based on your thesis statement. Please choose ONE of the organizational patterns and fill in the outline with your information. (See pp. 226- 228 for details about the two patterns.)

**Point-by-Point (Addresses each evaluative criteria first for item A and then for item B. See p. 226.)

Introduction with Thesis:

Point 1: (evaluative criteria #1) History of cellphone____________________________ A. (item A)__how they were used_________________ B. (item B)__issues with flip cellphones_________________

Point 2: (evaluative criteria #2) _New age smartphones___________________________ A. (item A)_what changes were made__________________ B. (item B)_different features that are avalible__________________

Point 3: (evaluative criteria #3) ___Pros and

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