Analysis Of The Teachlive Experience

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TeachLive has been an amazing experience. When I first meet the avatars I became very excited because they seem so real. To tell the truth, I been thinking about how they are able to know as much as they do.
1. What are your thoughts about using TeachLivE™ as a tool for teaching practice?
In my opinion, teach live is an incredible tool for students who want to become a teacher. I loved TeachLive even thought I wasn’t the one chosen to teach them. I was able to see how the avatars challenged every person that taught that day. They kept us on our toes and in my opinion that is the best way to learn.
2. How would you compare your TeachLivE™ experience to a real classroom of students?
Honestly, the TeachLive experience was very similar to a real classroom
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We tried to come us with the easiest question possible, but we realized that we needed to focus more on showing her what we wanted from her than telling her. My group and I we focused our teaching on, how to behave in a reading circle. Since it was about reading we decided that the easier question was to ask Edith, When you read do you sit on the rug? We had images to show her of a rug because we concluded that she might not know what a rug is and we had a book to show her and guide her to the answer. For Edgar, we asked him what do you do when you go to the bookshelf and he did a really good job replying back. It seems like it was a question easy enough for his proficiency level. He restated the question before answering making sure he understood correctly and he truly did a good job answering the question. For Tasir, we asked her after you have picked a book what do you do and she reply quickly and with no issues.
5. Explain the strategies you prepared for the English learners (such as leveled questions, show and tell strategies) and how they worked for Edith, Edgar, and Tasir in your lesson with TeachLivE™? Address each EL

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