Examples Of Observation Of Math Worksheet

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A math worksheet was being completed during this observation session. From this observation, I have found that the students are given choices to gain the information through the 3 different learning styles: kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. The teacher knows that she must maintain her students attention and she additionally knows that her students, kindergarteners, cannot think abstractly yet. The teacher instructs the students to pull out their red and yellow crayons. The teacher instructs the students to color a certain number of circles with the red crayon, and another number of circles with the yellow crayon. After drawing those circles, the count the circles as a class and record the total they counted. These small actions engage the students ' three learning styles. The teacher even asked multiple questions to hear how the students ' understand the math they are doing.
The teacher shows flexibility in her presentation by reading the number sentence that is recorded on the student 's math worksheet. She asks a student to reread the number sentence and go through the same experience that was mentioned previously(e.g using red and yellow crayons to draw and count circles) to providing a visual, kinesthetic, and auditory way to present
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However, she does guide them through the math techniques she uses to assist them with the math skill they are trying to master. She does not bring to the students attention to which learning choice works best for her students. Since the math worksheet contained at least 8 questions, the teacher 's implementation of her previously named learning strategies got better with more subsequent tries. Observing the students through this lesson, allowed her a chance to see how each student reacted to her materials and

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