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How Introduction to University Studies Has Helped Prepare Me Academically & Professionally

By Judy Johnson
Introduction to University Studies/101
Date: November 7, 2013
Instructor: Nickie Karcher

How Introduction to University Studies Has Helped Prepare Me Academically & Professionally

Over the length of this course I have learned many things that will help me succeed both in my studies and in the career I have chosen. I have learned how to manage my time and decrease my stress. I learned how to use critical thinking to solve problems effectively. I have also learned ways to improve my writing skills. These are just some example of the skills that I was taught, but I learned much more. This class was just a step on
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I can use the same skill I used to prioritize my academic assignments to prioritize my professional assignments. All of these methods will help me reduce the amount of stress I inflict on my mind and body.

Critical Thinking

My career choice is in the healthcare field and critical thinking is a major part of my daily life professionally. The critical thinking skills that I have learned in this class will help me solve problems and receive the best possible outcome for both me and the people I am serving. I have learned to explore all my options and ask plenty of questions. Doing this will help me see the situation from a full perspective. In school this will help me when exploring topics I do not have much knowledge about. I can ask questions and research the topic so I can get a full understanding of it. This understanding is crucial when completing my assignments. In my career I can use critical thinking to fulfill my duties and deal with problems that may arise while trying to complete my job assignments. I can also use it when serving patients and their families when they come to me with a problem they may have. I would ask them questions to help me get a better grasp of the problem and I would explore all options that are available for us to solve the problem. Practicing my critical thinking skills academically will enable me to use critical thinking to be successful in my career.

Writing Skills

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