Essay on Week 6

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital IT Department

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital (PFCH) has capacity to accommodate more than 600 patients at time. They have more than 600-beds. Due to raising health care costs this community hospital is also being affected, but on the other hand they have to maintain the quality health care services. Due to the seriousness of the latest economic recession, U.S. dollars of investment have been the organizations "slow." Therefore, it is necessary to reconsider the existing staff of PFCH business model, and consider the transformation of them, to enable them to compete in today's economic climate.
Current Business System
The Facilities Department's proposed, emergency room
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Legal issues related to medical negligence, you need to be submitted to the legal department of the medical records. Compliance issues include medication given to the patient in the incorrect dosage because of the incorrect deciphering of handwritten prescriptions, medications given to wrong patients, medications dosages based on lab results that are given prior to the receipt of lab results, and patient receiving blood that does not match their blood type. Drug wireless network RFID tag implementation to enable nurses to scan patient label and scan drugs to confirm the correct patient is receiving the correct drugs. This process will reduce the dispensing of these types of medication errors and related liability issues and legal costs.
The Compliance Department ensures the identification of all Electronic Personal Health Information (EPHI) and associated security policies and procedures in place based on the HITECH Act of 2009, HIPAA or 1996, and Privacy Act of 1974. Compliance issues on file related to an employee’s leaking information to the media of which is a violation of the HIPAA Privacy Law. These violations speak to the issue of employee training. Another compliance issue relates to CDs of patient information stolen from a transport van. The data was not encrypted and thus there was a privacy breach. Protocols need to be instituted to provide for all data to be encrypted and for the physical movement of any patient or employee data. The

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