Week 3 Assignment 1 Essay examples

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[Title Here, up to 12 Words, on One to Two Lines]g and the Far
Nicole Brevard
Legal 440
Professor Mary Myers-Nelson
July 19, 2015
I am a contracting officer for the IRS, and my supervisor has tasked me for the procurement of a new software system to process tax returns more accurately and efficiently. I would like to explore whether or not FAR regulation offers protection of collective buying power for the American people. Also how this will affect my procurement process. Also, examine whether or not the executive branch are the ones that really effect change and provide proper checks and balances for the procurement process for service's and goods. Based on the past procurement scandal in October 2014 with the VA.
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Also I am charged with the responsibility of staying compliant by making sure current certifications are kept up-to-date, funds are available for the contract, make sure the contractor’s receives unbiased, and fair treatment, when needed consider advice from specialist, and in writing authorize delegation of a contracting officer representative. As I think about FAR, I believe they have thought of every possible area that could go wrong in procurement except quality. I think that FAR regulations are more focused on money and protecting the American people's tax dollars than the actual quality of the goods and service. FAR implies that I must choose the best for the budget not for the quality. When I review solicitations, I have to look closely at my budget and select based on my budget rather than the quality and efficiency of the software. The collective bargaining protection that FAR offers the American people is based on a budget than a quality of service or good. If FAR put a balance in the regulations that put quality first than budget this will save the American people money in the long term due the fact the agency will not have to continue to purchase a service and a good as often. As well as cheating the American contractor of money for asking for more and paying less than what the service or good is worth putting them out of work. As contracting officer, I will do

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