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Web Site Structure
Joshua Daniel
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Web Site Structure The purpose of this paper is to discuss and compare three Web site structures from the student textbook “New Perspectives on the Internet” by Schneider and Evans. This student will identify the preferred structure and why; provide two Web site locations with URL addresses, and discuss advantages to Cascading Style Sheets in the creation of a web page. A hierarchical structure is where the “pages are linked going from the most general page down to more specific pages…In a hierarchical structure, users can easily move from general to specific and back again.” (Schneider/Evans. 2006. p. 65). A linear structure is where “each page is linked
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Facebook pages are linked with pages that “follow and precede it in an ordered chain.” (Schneider/Evans. 2006. p. 64) Because Facebook does support an augmented style, links to outside sources and other available pages are available to the user. This design, however, from the user opinion, is lacking in personality and compatibility with the user. The design appears to be generalized, and simplified, allowing for many users in many locations and of many cultures. It is, therefore, very generic. Both Web sites provide home page links; but, because of the differences in structure, movement within each web site page is different. After some research in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), this student has discovered several advantages in creating web pages. ➢ Cascading Style Sheets are written outside of the HTML codes and are therefore easy to access, change and manipulate. ➢ Cascading Style Sheets provide the designer the ability to change one section within the one sheet and having all similar sheets change as well in numerous locations. In closing, Cascading Style Sheets are a must in the creation of a web site. They provide ease of movement; top to down, back and forward and specific movement side to side. This ability provides a user-friendly web site. Depending on the information provided by the Web site and the audience to which it is geared, determines how the structure of the web site is designed.

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