Wearing Dress Code For Female Workplace Essay

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Legally speaking employers can have unfair dress codes for their female employees compared to their male employees so long as there 's no undue burden. I learned this the hard way after I started my first waitressing job. The female dress code was strict and specific while the male dress code was practically nonexistent. Unfortunately, the differences didn 't stop at the dress code. I also found out that there are quite a few loopholes to firing a woman for being pregnant. I was often on the receiving end of some unwanted advice from my boss on various subjects ranging from my marriage to my looks, while my male coworkers were never treated with such criticism, only respect. My boss was the most unprofessional boss I have ever had.
I was told on the day I was hired that I needed to wear dress clothes during my shift, so the next day I went out and bought some nice blouses and a pair of dress pants, as my boss had suggested, not yet knowing the huge differences in our dress code. On the day of my first shift, as soon as I walked through the door, my boss asked me if I needed to go finish getting ready before I got started. When he saw my confusion he clarified that I also needed to wear make-up along with the dress clothes. As someone who had always felt comfortable in my own skin, this greatly affected my self-esteem. I was made to feel inadequate in how I naturally looked, but I ignored my natural instinct and continued to work there because my boss was initially very…

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