We Use A Mobile Device While Driving Essay examples

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People using cellphones while operating a vehicle are a dangerous distraction. This distraction is as dangerous as other illegal actions behind the wheel. Laws need ban all cell phone use in vehicles to protect those behind the wheel and in the streets.
People in today’s society are increasingly becoming addicted to their mobile devices and drivers are becoming more distracted than ever. Taking your eyes off the road puts immediate danger to yourself, the passengers in your vehicle, as well as any bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians around you. Some cell phone distracted drivers are not so lucky when it comes to driving safely. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Distracted driving kill’s nine people and injures hundreds of others on a daily basis” (Sidibe). That is a total of three thousand two hundred and eighty five people whose accidents and deaths could have been prevented.
Using a mobile device while driving is an emerging and deadly epidemic on the nation’s roads. Many lives are lost each year due to this dangerous behavior of cell phone use while driving. People tend to ignore the dangers of this distraction by assuming there are other activities that are riskier than driving, such as flying in an airplane, but think about this: “The lives lost on U.S. roadways each year are equivalent to the lives that would be lost from a 100-passenger jet crashing every day of the year” (Understanding 3). Thousands of these fatalities could be…

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