We Must Stop Animal Abuse Essays

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“Monsters aren’t real, but humans are.” – Anonymous. (Google images) Honestly everyone says that dogs are monsters but in reality we are the true monsters. There are so many ways on why dogs and other animals aren’t the monsters and we are. We have abused animals for a very long time, yet we still call them monsters for fighting back. Animal abuse has been categorized into five common types. There is neglect abuse, hoarding abuse, fighting abuse, beating abuse, and mutilation abuse (common types of animal abuse). There is a lot of way you can prevent animal abuse but the main one that everyone should do is understand the animal abuse law in your state and report animal abuse if you see or suspect it is happening. (What you can do to stop animal abuse)
The most reported animal abuse cases usually involve dogs, cats, and livestock. The number of cruelty cases reported in the media from 2007 was 1,880 based on website pet-abuse.com. (Most common victims) Surveys say that those who abuse animals are more than likely male who are under the age of 30. 64.5% (1,212) animal abuse cases involve dogs. 25% of those are identified as pit bull breeds. 18% (337) cases involve cats who have been abused and the percentage of the other types of animals who are abused is 25% (470). (Who abuses animals) The studies of the FBI shows animal abuse is linked to arson, rape, and murder. Psychological profiles indicate that the one who abuse animals compensate for their worthlessness of their…

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