Dangerous Dogs In The United States

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Dangerous dogs. In the United States 4.7 million dog bites happen every year, 800,000 will need to see medical attention, half are children, and 386,000 of these people will seek emergency medical treatment. The mass majority of these attacks come from three different breeds of dog. The third most dangerous dog in the United States would be the boxer a tall, short muzzled breed. The Rottweiler is considered the second most dangerous dog in the country, a shorter breed with a short muzzle and a very muscular body . Leaving pit bulls at number one in the country another very muscular, short muzzled dog breed that is also very short. All three of these breed are responsible for more than half of the dog attacks in the united states. There is absolutely no need for these types of dogs, and they all should be illegal to own. The boxer breed was created in Germany, by George Alt, in the 1800’s by cross breeding the Old English bulldog with the Bullenbeisser (Baxamusa, 2011). The dog was bred to be moderately short, stocky and have a killer bite. These attributes made them very popular with hunters who would breed them for speed to run down large game such as buffalo or …show more content…
The boxer, a dog that has been put at the third most dangerous dog in America due to numbers of attacks and numbers of deaths it has caused. The rottweiler the second most dangerous dog in the United states for the same reasons as the boxer. The one dog breed that sticks out the most even from the previous two, statistically the most dangerous dog in the world, and has been banned in twelve different countries would be the pit bull. These three breeds combined together are responsible for nearly all of the dog attacks and deaths in the United States every year. Should they be legal to own? Or should they be

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