We Must Be Realistic : Our Education System Isn 't At Its Best

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Let 's be realistic: Our education system isn 't at its best.

What I mean by this is, almost all the History i 've learned since the 5th grade I could realistically learn on Wikipedia in a couple of weeks. Most of the Science we learn could probably be taught through pretty YouTube videos. On top of all this, we have one of the most unstable Job Markets. With the rapidly growing Technological advances, in a decade, most of the jobs could realistically be outsourced or done by robots. College degrees that some argue are worthless now.

I know my life, and I can say it 's weird to say most important things i 've learned have been out of school. But why couldn’t this stuff be taught in school? Why couldn 't we have spent 6 months learning about how to budget money rather than how to find the Area of 3-D Shapes. Call me weird, but where are those classes? The ones with stuff that I actually need to hear? So, I made a list of the top 5 topics that should be taught in schools.

At the bottom of the list I would choose Skepticism. Skepticism as defined by Google is “The theory that certain knowledge is impossible.” Meaning you couldn 't predict something for 100 percent necessity. Governments don 't allow millions of their citizens to starve or get murdered because of uncertainty, they do it because they are certain. People don 't fall into depression, stalk people, or shoot up schools because they are uncertain, they do it because they’re certain. They are certain in that belief,…

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