Waterview Connection Case Study

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The communication of a project to public is crucial in how your public builds an opinion of the project taking place. Better use of communication activities and the relationship to the public help build a reputation and an outside knowledge of the project even if they are not directly involved in it. The Waterview Connection development in Auckland uses several communication activities to engage with various public. This essay will focus on a particular communication activity used by the Waterview Connection in reference to public relations theory and also evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of said communication activity.

The Waterview Connection development project is one of the biggest infrastructure developments to take place in New
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The Waterview Connection can reach out to the communities directly involved by this project and also those around new Zealand that are interested in the project but are not affected by construction. The employees are a crucial public to reach as they are directly involved in making this project and if they are not informed well or are not treated properly the internal communication will break down and the project could face flaws and issues in the long run (Mersham, G., Theunissen, P., & Peart. J, 2009). Waterview Connection is utilised on several media platforms to reach out to the publics such as facebook, twitter, blogging and YouTube. All these types of social media connect directly to its active publics providing information quickly and also giving the public an opportunity to contact the project directly so their thoughts and idea are heard and seen rather than being …show more content…
The most noticeable strength of social media is its accessability to the active public. Anyone who has access to social media can be directly involved with what is happening which can lead to good discussion being in place and the public becoming knowledeable about the organisation (Judy Motion, Robert L. Heath, Shirley Leitch, 2014). On the flip side if your active public is a demographic where they are not active on social media it is redundant as your trying to speak to people who do not care about your organisation. Another weakness that can arise is that without a good media team and public relations team several thousands of people in your active public may not actually be aware that the organisation is using social media which renders it useless as it is not reaching as many people as it possible can. Following on from that point it also lacks direct connection to a real person as all the knowledge is coming from someone behind a keyboard working for the company so in theory can manipulate those who follow the organisation into believing something that is not true, however this is extremely rare. The strength of social media is it’s ability to show visual and give information many people cannot see or reach especially if they are in a different part of the country (Chambers, 2013).Their YouTube channel utilises video to show everyone what is happening and going to happen

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